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Your Gentrac  Reports, so you may Take Meaningful, Preventive Action.
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Committed to Quality & You

We are committed to providing your the very best in diagnostic test reporting.  Our testing process is world-class and every sample is rigorously checked before reporting. Samples are stored for a certain period of time post reporting, call us if you have any concerns or questions about your report. We are also happy to help you understand your test reports, call us to schedule a discussion in person.

​Dear Patrons:  Online Reporting  service is currently disabled, please ask for reports to be emailed.  Thank you for your patience while we restore the service.

tel: 01204217676

About Reports

Test reports are available online for 7 days from reporting date. Please use USER NAME & PASSWORD printed on the top right of your receipt/ sent in SMS to your registered phone.  If you prefer an EMAIL of your report, write to us at with Patient Name, Date of Sample/ Receipt, Phone Number, & Location where sample was taken; we will email within a working day or sooner.