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A Thyroid Ultrasoundis usually done when you have a growth on your thyroid gland or when a routine exam finds that the thyroid feels big. The exam can help tell the difference between a nodule containing fluid, and a nodule that is solid and may contain abnormal tissue that may or may not be cancerous. Sometimes the thyroid is enlarged without any nodules.

Thyroid Advanced Health Check Up: (Cost: Rs. 2450)
TSH (Ultrasensitive), T3, T4, FT3, FT4+ Antibodies (TPO and TG)

Thyroid Free (FT3, FT4, TSH): (Cost: Rs. 650)
FT3, FT4 & TSH (Ultrasensitive)

Thyroid (T3, T4, TSH): (Cost: Rs. 450)
T3, T4 & TSH (Ultrasensitive)